What is the Debug View?

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Have you ever seen this and wondered what this is for?

DebugView is used to validate your Analytics configuration during development and in real time for webstream (as opposed to iOS or Android streams). Note: I’ve lifted the definition of DebugView from Firebase Help as the concept is the same, but getting the view to work is a bit different.

To Enable your DebugView in App + Web (involves GTM)

Unfortunately, this would involved the understanding of GTM, so the next few paragraphs may be a bit hard to follow if you don’t know your way around GTM. You may need to find and engage someone who knows their tags from their variables and triggers.

In order to see events coming through, you must first locate the tag that you wish to view in GTM and under tag configuration, add a new event parameter and insert values as per the screenshot below.

When you have set the new parameter, preview the GTM container (remember to hit the Refresh button, just to make sure that your new GTM changes are applied)

App + Web DebugView Report

Once your GTM settings are hunky dory, we’ll move back onto our App + Web DebugView report. Up the top, you will see Debug Device with a drop down box. This shows you how many devices are sending events.

Once you found the device that you are interested in, you will see all the hits sent from that particular device. After an event is clicked, you can then navigate through the different parameters associated with that event.

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