What is Screen views per user and why is it showing 0 results?

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If you’ve been exploring the App + Web reports you may have come across this same oddity we did where the “Screen views per user” metric is showing up as 0 in your pages and screen reports.

The metric is defined in the help files as the number of screens viewed by each user.

The calculation listed in the help files appears to be a copy paste error and is actually screen views / total users as we can see here pulling in those metrics into an explorer report.

The reason we are seeing 0 for our screen views per user metric is because our property only includes website traffic, and the screen view metric is used primarily for app tracking. A view on a website is generally tracked as a page view.

I imagine this will be updated in the future to be total views (page + screen) / total users rather than only looking at screen views so the shelf life of this post might be pretty short.

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