What can I or cannot do with network settings in the conversion settings?

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Network settings are similar to the post-back feature in standard properties wherein we used to send conversion data like first launch and transaction back to selected mobile ad networks like Aarki, InMobi,Tapjoy.

Since App+web properties resembles the same measurement model as Firebase analytics. Follow the below steps to send conversion data to respective ad networks:

Step-1: Choose the events you want to mark as conversions from the events report. Toggle the mark as conversion on ,to make an event a conversion.

App+Web events report

Step-2: Navigate to the conversions report tab and examine if the expected events are coming through as conversions.

App+Web conversion report

Step-3: Choose network settings tab and click on add network.

Step-4: Choose the ad network from the campaign source. We can add additional meta data like campaign name and medium. Use Click URL when we need to drive users to download the app and Deep link if we want to re-engage with existing app users.

Step-5: Configure Post back

While post back sends conversion to a particular ad network, we can choose to send all conversions(other networks involved in delivering conversions are anonymised) or conversions attributed on to that network. By sending all conversions data to a network, it will help advertisers better optimise their own traffic based on an awareness of conversions from all networks.

At the time of writing this article, we can only use 30 events as conversions and only these events can be sent via post back to respective ad networks. So we need to be mindful while marking events as conversions.

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