What are user stickiness metrics ?

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In standard Google analytics properties we had active users report which indicated number of users who visited the website in the last 1,7,14 and 28 days. These reports were beneficial in examining if an active promotional campaign would drive qualified leads to the website considering 1 day/7 day(s) or 1 day/30 day(s) active users.

Active users report

In the App+web properties there is no separate active users reports available but under user reports we can witness a section called user stickiness, which provides a breakdown of the following ratios:

Daily active users(DAU)/Monthly active users(MAU)

Daily active users(DAU)/Weekly active users(WAU)

Weekly active users(WAU)/Monthly active users(MAU)

The above percentages are calculated by taking ratio of active users count for 1,7 and 30 day(s). For instance DAU/WAU would be calculated as 255,547/1,383,560~=18%.

By using these ratios it becomes easier to identify if website, mobile app or any other offering are engaging qualified traffic to stick around.

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