User access to data – how granular can it be controlled if there are no views?

Currently User Permissions can be managed from either Account Level or Property Level but not at Data Stream Level. If a user had been given, for example, an ‘Edit’ access at Account level, that user would also have the same permission at Property Level.

Is it possible to share a report with specific users?

From what I can see this isn’t possible in the main UI.

Though it is possible in the Analysis Hub but you can only share to users that have access to the property. See below.

Granting Access to a Report You Have Configured

Either select the share icon in the top right when viewing your report

or when viewing the list of reports select the three dots on the far right and select ‘Share’

You can then click share from the pop-up window and any user that has access to the property will be able to see your report in ‘read-only mode’.