Where is cost data upload?

It appears that this feature is yet to be made available at this stage, so watch this space because as soon as we know more, you will too!

In the meantime, you can view your linked Google Ads report under the Behaviour report >> Sessions by Session Campaign>> View Google Ads Campaign.

How do we enable and test the Google Ads Integration?

Enabling Google Ads Integration

Enabling the Google Ads integration is very easy. Simply navigate to the admin panel and select ‘Google Ads Linking’ under ‘Property Settings’ > ‘Product Linking’

Select the ‘Link’ button in the top right

Select ‘Choose Google Ads accounts’ – this will bring up a slide across window

Tick the checkbox next to the account you want to link then select ‘Confirm’ – this will close the slide across window

Select ‘Next’

Choose whether you would like to ‘Enable Personalised Advertising’ and leave auto tagging enabled.

A review panel will show and select ‘Submit’ if you are happy with the review. After this the linking should be pretty much instant.

Testing to see if Google Ads is linked

First things first navigate to the admin panel and click on Google Ads linking under Property Settings > Product Linking. You will then be able to see if there is one or more accounts linked. If there is none then see the previous section on how to link. If you see the account you are after then try the step below.

In any report select add comparison and under dimensions you should see User ad dimensions(not greyed out). Then start utilising them in your reports to see if the data looks A OK.