How to view events that occurred on a specific page?

Set up your report in Exploration like here. Add Page path as a Dimension and add in Rows.

Set up your filters to view a specific page path. For example, this looks at the Homepage only.

The report should look as below:

How can I view my Event Labels together with Event Categories and/or Actions?

Events are not set into Category, Action and Label, but are now just Events. If you prefer the Category > Action > Label view, it’s possible to set up events as such but do note the continuity may not be the same.

Once you have set up events, to view them together use the Exploration report. Go to Explore > Analysis > Exploration

Click on + in Dimensions and search for Event Category, Event Action, and Event Label. Drag and drop them in Rows.

Drag and drop Event count for Metrics. This gives a similar report as below.