What is ‘Engaged Sessions’, and how different is it to ‘Sessions’?

Sessions is the number of sessions that began on your website or app.

Engaged sessions on the other hand, is the number of sessions that lasted longer than 10 seconds, or had a conversion event, or had 2 or more screen or page views.

If the user has been on site for less than 10 seconds or did not engage in any way, they would be defined as a Bounce and not as an Engaged Session.

Engaged Sessions is a new metric and not customisable at this time.

What are the “stream” dimensions?

Stream can be found referenced in the admin section under ‘Data Streams’ and also as a dimension in the exploration reports- though sometimes they represent different things depending where they are used.

Under ‘Data Streams’ in settings

After selecting your stream it will show you the details of the stream.

Stream URLhttp://datarunsdeep.com.au – the hostname for where the data is coming from

Stream ID 123456789 – A number identifying the stream of data

Stream Name Data Runs Deep – The name given by the user who configured the stream (this is different to the stream dimension – explained later)

Measurement ID G-1A2B3C4D5E – The identifier for where the data is sent – just like the UA ID in Google Analytics

So in Universal Analytics you can use the hostname in your reports as a primary or secondary dimension. App + Web is a little different.

When searching for dimensions only the Stream ID and Stream Name are available.

As a dimension

Interestingly the Stream Name is used differently as a dimension – it is referring to whether it is app or web. Currently there is no option to pull in the same Stream Name we see in the settings section nor is there an option to bring in hostname. This is likely something you need to manually configure.

Hopefully in the near future this will become a part of the base dimensions and won’t need to be manually configured.