Date picker – Can we select just month by selecting month name?

In the standard Google analytics property we had an option where we could easily filter reports to indicate entire month of data by just clicking on the name of the month under the date picker options.

This feature is currently not available for the App+web properties. Something for Google to update in the coming months.

How do you compare year on year?

This is possible in both the Reporting UI and the Advanced Analysis UI – for some reason they are slightly different. It’s still a little manual rather than being a preset that you can select.

First open up the date range picker.

Date range picker can be found in the top right of the UI.

Next select the Compare Toggle below the date range options.

By default it will set your comparison period to the previous period. From here you need to manually find the same date range for the year before.

Manually selected Year on Year comparison
In the main UI additional preset options for 90 days, 12 months, calendar year and this year to today are available.
In Analysis Hub – By selecting compare the previous period is selected by default. Also no preset options for Last 90 days, last 12 months, Calendar year to date