How do you create a new user property?

If you want to create a custom user property, you must first tell App + Web interface what your definitions of user properties are. Visualise this – there are many codes, scripts, letters and words floating around whenever a hit is send. Therefore, setting and registering your user property allow App+Web to recognise what information is to be collected and grouped under.

Setting Your User Property

To do this, you can either apply a script like the one below.

Source: Google User Properties

Alternatively, you can set user properties in GTM. For us at DRD, we created variables and then set these variables s the value of the user_property.

Register Your User Property

Once you have set the user properties, you need to register it in the Analytics interface. This is basically to tell App+Web, so I’ve set up the collection of the information (Set up phase), please collect the information for reporting purposes. To do this, go to your App+Web UI >> in the left hand menu bar, click on User Properties

Click New User Property

Enter a name and description for the user property, then click create

It can be a bit hard trying to get your head around this new way of information collection and reporting, and like anything else – you just need to get over the steep hill and you’ll be right.