Are Goals/Events User Based or Session Based?

The current goal or conversion set-up in App+ Web set up is event based,. This means that while an action such as button click or form fill can be tracked/counted as a goal or conversion, unfortunately goals such as sessions that last a specific amount of time or users who have viewed a set number of pages can’t. We are hoping for Google to add these as new features for their next update.

Can I set-up goals in my reports?

Events can be set to become “conversion” (goals). Each event reporting can be supplemented with additional parameters available in the event hit (eg for file_download” event parameters could be “File name” “click link URL”, “page title” etc)

Which users have access to mark events as conversions?

Users with only edit access to the App+Web property are allowed to mark captured events as conversions.

One key point to note, similar to standard analytics properties access provided at account level is inherited at property level. For instance,if we assign edit access to a particular user at an account level ,then the user inherits the same level of access at the property level.

To add users,navigate to the admin section by clicking on admin icon and then choose account user management or property user management respectively.

To navigate to admin section