How to configure site search in GA App+Web property?

In your GA Property Settings, click on Data Streams(BETA). Select the correct web data stream, and click on the edit icon of ‘Enhanced measurement’. On the right-hand panel, you can see all the enhanced measurement settings. Make sure the toggle for ‘Site search’ is on. Click on the cog – ‘Show advanced settings’, update ‘Search Term Query Parameter’ and ‘Additional Query Parameters’ fields and save changes.

How to view and debug GTM configurations in GA App+ Web DebugView panel?

In Google Analytics: App + Web Event tag, add a new parameter and insert parameter name as ‘debug_mode’ and value as GTM inbuilt variable {{Debug Mode}}. Save changes and click ‘Preview’. GTM will show a banner across the top of the workspace overview page to indicate that Preview Mode is active.

Once Preview Mode is enabled, navigate to the site where the container is implemented. Refresh the page if needed. Now you can view events in real-time in GA App+ Web DebugView panel.