How do I find out how many people used the contact form?

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If the contact form is an important conversion for your business, we suggest you configure a stand alone event for this action so it can be set up as a conversion.

You set an event as a conversion on the All events tab by clicking the toggle “Mark as conversion”. You can enable 30 events per property as conversions, in addition to the five defaults (first_open, in_app_purchase, app_store_subscription_convert, app_store_subscription_renew, purchase).

Note: conversions are retroactive, so attribution information is associated with an event only after it has been enabled.

If you don’t have a stand alone event but you do have a “thank you” page once the action is completed, you can navigate to the Behaviour > Page path and screen class report. Change the column heading of the table to “Page path and screen class” and filter on the URL you are interested in. You can see the views next to it and/or filter on any other events you want in the same table.

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