How do I see what events were fired on a certain page?

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In Google Analytics you can access the Behaviour > Events > Pages report to view the events that were fired on a particular page. Unfortunately this does not exist as a standard report in App + Web. However, you can get this information by creating an exploration table in the Analysis Hub.

Click into Analysis > Exploration to create a new table. Then you will just need to bring in “Page Path” and “Event Name” into your list of available dimensions in the variables column on the left, then drag those across into the rows section in the tab settings column. You’ll then need to add “Event Count” to your available metrics in the variables column and pull that over into the values area of the tab settings.

This is going to give you every event fired on every page, so you’ll just need to use the filter option at the bottom of the Tab Settings to select which pages you want to view events for.

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