How do I apply an “advanced filter” in App + Web?

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In Google Analytics you can use the “advanced” search in your reports to do things like filter your table based on secondary dimension values, metric values, or a combination of metrics and dimensions. At this stage it does not appear this exact functionality is available in the standard App + Web Reports. You can filter on a secondary dimension, but the options are limited. If you want to emulate the full functionality of the advanced search you will need to utilise the Exploration reports in the Analysis section of App + Web.

Filtering on a secondary dimension in a report

If you have added a secondary dimension to one of the standard reports you will not be shown an option to filter on this field. However, the search field above the table will search both your primary and secondary dimension.

There are a number of restrictions to how this filter works:

  • It doesn’t look like you can search using regexp
  • You can’t use AND OR to match multiple conditions
  • You can’t specify which dimension you want to search so it will search both

The last one might be edge case but can be a problem. E.g. If I search for Sydney on our site to see which content people from Sydney are viewing, it returns pages viewed by users in Sydney as well as pages that have Sydney in the title e.g.

App + Web Secondary Dimension Search

Using advanced search in exploration reports

While it is a shame the standard reports don’t have the same search functionality as Google Analytics, the added features of the exploration tables do make up for it once you get used to using them. You can read more about these reports here.

Once you’ve set up your exploration tables with the dimensions and metrics you want to analyse, you will find all the filter options in the Tab Settings column:

App + Web Exploration Table Filters

App + Web Exploration Report Filters

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