How do I add a segment to a standard App + Web report?

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The way you compare different audiences in an App + Web report has changed slightly from the traditional approach of creating segments in Google Analytics. Where you would previously add a segment to a report you now can add a “comparison”.

Comparisons are great and a lot easier to use than segments for simple comparisons, but they don’t offer quite as many options as a segment does. For example it does not look like you can compare users who did or did not trigger a certain event at this stage, and you cannot create sequential rules for a comparison groups like you can with a segment (e.g. viewed this page followed by this page).

If you do want to do a comparison using using the same functionality as you had in Google Analytics segments what you can do is create an audience in App + Web which can then be used in the comparisons.

Adding a comparison to a report

Adding a comparison is nice and easy, you simply click add comparison in the top left corner of your report, and chose the dimensions you want to use as your comparison criteria.

Add Comparison Segment in App + Web

Configure Segment Comparison in App + Web

Apply these, and your reports will show the performance of these two groups side by side.

Segment Comparison App + Web

As noted above, one of the biggest limitations I’ve found so far is that I cannot use event or page path as a dimension directly in the comparisons settings so I can’t for example look at blog readers vs non blog readers and compare their behavior. There is a way around this however, and this is by creating an audience that meets those criteria and using that in the comparison.

Emulating a segment by adding an audience into a comparison

If you want to compare two advanced segments, you will need to first create them as audiences. After which you will be able to select the audience as a criteria in the comparison options.

To create an audience find the Audiences link in the left hand menu under “Configure” and click “New Audiences”. Here you can use all the features of the Google Analytics features (plus some cool new techniques!).

Audience creation app + web segments

Once you have saved that audience, you will be able to select it as a criteria in your comparisons by choosing the audiences dimension and selecting the one you’ve just created.

Audiences in comparisons

As with most reports in App + Web you are probably better off using the analysis reports, in which there are a lot more options for how you can use segments. You can read more about those here.

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