Do sequential segments still exist ?

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Yes, we can create sequential segments in the App+Web properties. But there has been a change in the way we save segments. Currently we cannot create segments directly under the admin section or in the reporting view directly. We need to navigate to the advanced analysis report and create a segments within the selected reports available in this section. If we want to utilise these segments across standard reports we need to create audience from this segments.

Below are the steps to create a segment and use it across standard reports:

Step1: Navigate to the advanced analysis section and choose appropriate report of choice.

Step2: Choose to create new segment by clicking on the ‘+’ icon under segments section.

Step-3: Choose user level segment from the option available.Navigate to the add sequence section and define the required sequence.

Note- Currently we can only create user level sequential segments and if we don’t save segments as audience then this segment is tied only to this report and are not available for use under standard reports.

Step-4: Navigate to any standard reports and choose add comparison option. Under available dimensions choose Audience name and for value it is the name of the segment you have created.

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