Can I sort based on dimensions?

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Oh yes you can! Let’s say I want to look at my page report, filter out training pages and sort them. First, I select Behaviour report in the left hand menu bar >>> Page title and screen class widget card >>View pages and screens.

Then, scroll to the table below. I want to look for my training pages and I want to see my page paths (instead of page titles). I type in ‘training’ in the filter box, click on the drop down box to select page path and hit enter.

The trick to sorting is to see what is highlighted when you hover your cursor. If this is highlighted, it means you are choosing from the drop down box.

However, if the whole section is highlighted like the image below, that means you are trying to sort the dimension.

So now, once clicked, you can see this little buddy here, which means it sorted descending. Highlight the whole section and click it again to sort ascending.

There you go, easy as 1-2-3.

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