What is the “NPA” attribute?

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“NPA” stands for non-personalised ads. The data marked as “NPA” will not be used in advertising, it will only be available for analysis purposes only. You can include or exclude individual events and user properties from being used to personalise ads at any time.

How to include or exclude:

  1. In the left pane of your App+Web interface, click on All events or User properties

2. Look for the event that you want excluded and click on the 3 dots.

3. Then click on ‘Mark as NPA’

4. A little ‘NPA’ icon will appear next to your event or user property

5. To unmark, simply click on the 3 dots again, and click on ‘Unmark as NPA’

Important: Rules to NPA marked events or user properties

It’s important to note that you won’t be able to export any audience that is based on an NPA event or user property to a Google advertising product such as Google Ads. This rule also applies to any audience whose component audiences are based on that excluded data. However, it is fine to exporting audiences with these types of events/user properties to a non advertising product like BigQuery or Optimize.

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